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High performance CNC servo turret punch

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High performance CNC servo turret punch

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● High performance CNC servo turret punch, quicker speed, more economic energy consumption, lower noise.
● Advanced mechanical servo punch pin, with the marking frequency of 1200/1500 times per minute.
● Ductile cast iron thick turret long guide structure, with good guiding role, high precision and long service life of die.
● Japan FANUC CNC system, four-axle linkage function.
● Rotary workstation uses worm and gear, without any clearance, with high precision and high-reliability technology.
● It can control lower dead point accurately to perform the machining of special processes easily, such as shutters, roll reinforcing, roll shearing, tapping, multiple sub-module, etc.
● Through the aging heat treatment, the closed type machine bed has good rigidity, and eliminates welding stress, which can guarantee long-term precision.
● Ball screw, linear guide rail, pneumatic components and electrical components use some globally famous brands, guaranteeing stability and high transmission precision of the whole machine.


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